Credits: Photographer: Jesse Bard. Makeup & Hair: Amanda Reid Model: Yours truly.

Hello there, I am the lady behind Veruca Cyn. This blog is about my obsessive and undying love for fashion, food, music and travel. As I continue to strive on building my life of glamor- My adventures will consist of participating in fashion shows and visiting fashion districts, tasting different types of food, and experiencing first hand the culture and society OF THE WORLD!

Brought to existence from dreams, for those who appreciate luxury, entertainment, and living passionately.

A strong name, borderline dramatic. It is as conceivable as an alter ego, persona, or that inner voice.

Veruca, after the name of the spoiled little brat Veruca Salt. A Cynner. One who is immoral, shameful, harmful, and alienating. She's imperfect, real, and exists within all human beings- the inner Veruca of us all.

Cinderella= Cinder + Sin = Cyn
Like the lady who constantly was covered in cinder, despite all the mistreatments and coming from a poor life, both emotionally poor family and financially. Just like the pheonix, she rose above the ashes-above it all.

Veruca Cyn is the representation of analytic behaviour, and the attitude of perseverance.

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